Jane Law Wicker Obituary   Jane Law Wicker

Jane Law Wicker Obituary


Jane Law Wicker began her flying career after a scenic ride from a friend in 1988.  After just one flight lesson she knew that the sky was where she belonged.  Jane is the kind of person that once she gets her mind set on something, there is no stopping her. Once bitten by the aviation bug, she was unstoppable, paying for every bit of flight time personally.  After receiving her pilot’s certificate in 1989 she continued on and obtained her Instrument rating, Commercial certificate, Multi-engine Instrument and Multi-engine Commercial ratings all while working full time.

In 1989 she was given an aerobatic ride at the Flying Circus as a Birthday present.  Bitten by another bug, she set off with a new set of new goals. After that one Stearman flight, she knew she had to learn aerobatics and that she was destined to fly airshows.In 1990 the Flying Circus Airshow, in Bealeton VA, placed an advertisement for a wing walking position in the Washington Post Classifieds.  She answered that ad thinking that wing walking would be an exciting way to enter the airshow business, not to mention a lot of fun.  Her first time airborne on the wing also happened to be her first show.  She fell in love with it and was the primary attraction at the Flying Circus for 12 years.  With her former husband Kirk Wicker (whom she met at the wing walking auditions) they created “Beauty and the Beast Wing Walking”.  Jane walked the wings and ran the business while Kirk flew the plane.  They performed all over North America.  In 2002 she took a break from wing walking when the marriage dissolved. But, Jane just couldn’t stay away. The fire was too strong and the passion would not leave her heart. So, in the winter of 2009-2010 she purchased Aurora and brought her act back to the Airshow Circuit. She has now returned to the skies. Or as she puts it “I’m back home”. Jane is not only a wing walker, but also a true aerobatic pilot in her own right.   She not only walks the wings of the Stearman but flies it as well.  She has held a surface level waiver from the FAA and is an accomplished competition aerobatic pilot.
Jane’s wing walking is still today one of a kind.  She not only hangs from the N strut, but also sits on the bottom of the airplane during the inverted pass.  She is also one of just a few wing walkers in the world who transitions across the wings without benefit of a safety line.
In addition to running the business and performing at airshows, Jane also works as a Budget Analyst at the FAA full time, is a Freelance writer and has returned to college to finish her degree in Finance.  She is also a singer and has sung the National Anthem at airshows. Jane hopes that everyone out there watching today, especially the children, will see that nothing is impossible when your desire is unstoppable. Whether your goals are big or small there is nothing you can’t do. The sky’s the limit!

A memorial service will be held in the Flying Circus Aerodrome, Hampton, VA on Monday, January 3, 2000, by the Rev. Bill Jon5114 Ritchie Road, Bealeton, Virginia (22712). In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be made, in Jane’s memory, to the ICAS Foundation Family Fund, to help others in the ICAS family who may be in need. You may visit the ICAS Foundation website www.icasfoundation.org to make an online contribution; or, checks may be made payable to the ICAS Foundation, in Jane’s memory, and mailed to the ICAS office at: ICAS, 750 Miller Drive SE, Suite F3, Leesburg, Virginia 20175.


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